Two Pics and a Quick Note...

First a couple notes on these photos. The above photo is a leaf that is just outside the rear door where I work and come-and-go each day. It is hanging by a single strand of a spider's web and blows and twirls in the breeze (if you look close you can see the strand of web). Beautiful. Mesmerizing. I've been looking at it for the past three days as I enter and leave and have finally taken a photo of it. And below, of course, is Franklin (sweet little Franklin). He and his diesel (read, alpha) brother Maxwell--along with my son and a friend--will be watching the house this weekend while I'm in NYC for classes. Which brings me to the point...I'll likely not post again until Monday or Tuesday as I'll be away from my computer. As always, thanks for visiting and putting up with my idiosyncrasies. Until then, peace.

Urban Simplicity.