A few thoughts about riding a bike in the winter, and the view from my kitchen window...

The above image is the view from the kitchen window from where I am employed. It was snowing rather heavily and when I looked out the window at one point I thought that it was as pretty as a picture...so I took one.

Anyhow, as mentioned in a previous post, I've actually driven a car for the past two days (car share). So today when I go back on a bike it felt good, really good. I really love being out in the elements (ok, rain...not so much); I love the feel of the cold winter wind and flakes falling. I also love the fact that I am both the motor and the cargo. And having new studded snow tires made it even more fun.

Urban Simplicity.


jim said…
I was in Buffalo last Sun at Campus Bike to get some repairs done on my internal gear hub. As I was riding north on Elmwood I spotted a fellow headed south and by the time I realized it was you, you were gone. If I had been thinking a bit faster, I would have introduced myself. Still, it was nice to see someone else out enjoying what turned out to be a VERY rainy day.
Jim from Lewiston
Joe George said…
Hey Jim...yes there are a few of us out there. And I ended up getting soaked. Not pleasant. I don't mind getting wet in the summer but in the winter it is no fun. Anyhow, yes...too bad, I would have liked to have met in person. Next time. Peace.