Things that can be Carried on a Bike (#564)

Two cardboard boxes containing eight large foil containers containing various foods on their way to a local food pantry.

Urban Simplicity.


Anonymous said…
So Joe, just where is all this food coming from that you always have photos of on your bike? Is it the restaurant you work in, or are you preparing it at home? Are there special laws governing where donated food comes from?
Joe George said…
Anonymous...Most the time the food I take the the food pantry is food from my place of employment. We serve a lot of banquets (opposed to a la carte meals) and there is sometimes leftover food. It is leftover but still wholesome. As far as laws governing this, I don't know of any. You chose to remain anonymous in your comment, you're not going to cite me are you ;)
Anonymous said… Joe, no worries...we've all needed a good meal at some point in our lives....but I hope it wasn't full of that tofu stuff you seem so fond of.