And on a really cold and blustery day...

So I only have a very short "commute" to work every day (today, though, was a split shift so I had to commute four times). And I normally don't complain about this; I actually like the winter. But geeze o' man...


Really cold. The bottom photo is a screen shot from my phone (and yes, to those not viewing this from the States, that's 5 Fahrenheit). Both the other photos are shots of my ride in this morning about 8am. The temps today did not even reach double digits; tomorrow looks to be colder.

It was been this cold and snowy prior this winter (many many times in fact), but today it just hit me. I only saw a couple other cyclists brave enough (crazy enough) to ride today. And one of them is pictured above. We chatted a bit at a stop light just before I took this photo. He agreed, this has been a challenging winter to say the least. That's all I've got for tonight; I think I'll throw another log on the fire and pour another glass of wine.

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