Two views from my handlebars (in really cold and snowy weather)...

These were taken on two separate nights; the top photo last night and the one below tonight. The weather has been pretty much unchanged...bitterly cold and somewhat constant snow. But I am not complaining about this as I work in a kitchen and would actually take this weather over 90F and humid. There is something truly serene about riding a bike in this weather; hearing your tires crunch on the frozen snow and feeling the cold air on your face. But I'd be fibbing if I said that temperatures hovering in the single digits or low teens (Fahrenheit) for the past few weeks (or has it been months?) has not been trying. Anyhow, I still find it beautiful.

Urban Simplicity.


Bill Chance said…
I'm still trying to put gear together to ride comfortably under freezing - no luck yet.