A Photobomb and a Few Words...

I may have mentioned before, but for me at times photography is a form of stress relief and in some cases even therapy. There is something about looking through a lens and focusing on something--whether it is a full city scape or a close up of a leaf--that takes me inward and to a soothing place. Not always, but sometimes. And I'm also finding it can be a bit of comic relief as well. Anyhow, yesterday, after working a day-long shift facing a stove I thought I'd snap a few photos on my way home as a way to chill out a bit. The first photo I took is the one above. I had the camera on a tripod and set on self-timer as it was dusk (l'heure bleue), which is my favorite time because the light really shimmers and intensifies. And as the camera was beeping and ready to shoot a guy--who I do not know--runs in front of the camera just as the shutter opens saying, "I wanna get me my picture taken." Thanks random guy...this still makes me smile and laugh.

Urban Simplicity