Getting neutral and dense...slowing down a waterfall

So these are a few photos I took today at Glen Falls in Williamsville, NY. I rode there for a couple reasons. One is that I was looking for a waterfall to photograph using my ND filter. But also I wanted the exercise. Glen Falls is a little more than 10 miles from my house and riding a heavy cargo bike 10 miles in each direction is for sure a workout. And yes, I can ride even with my injured leg. Luckily the burn is below my knee so I am able to bend my leg freely, and the physician said that as long as I don't overdo it bike riding will actually aid in the healing process as it will get blood pumping to the injured area. This said, it felt good to huff and puff against a slight wind as I have not gotten much physical exercise in the past nine days. So anyhow, I went there specifically to take photos using a ND filter. And if you need an explanation of what a ND filter is (I'll use a simplified layperson's explanation because that's all I really know), it adjusts the light entering your camera but not the color. So, for example, if the light is diminished--tricking the camera into thinking it's dark outside--one is able to take long exposures allowing things that are moving (such as a waterfall) to become blurred, whereas the stationary components within the frame remain natural. If you'd like a more detailed description of how these filters work follow this link. And if you'd like to see two other local waterfalls I've photographed with this same effect, click here or here.

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Anonymous said…
I just hope you didn't leave your sweater on a bench there-
Joe George said…
Haha...I actually thought about that Mr. Anonymous.