L'heure bleue et nuit...

Okay. So you may be getting tired of seeing photos of Buffalo's waterfront. Sorry. But I have been so drawn to it this summer. I find it relaxing. Yesterday after a very crazy-busy and super hot-and-humid day of running a round a kitchen and facing a stove, I wanted nothing more than to have a cold beer and feel the breeze off the lake. So, yup, that's just what I did. And if you've visited this site before then you know that my favorite time of day to take photos is at dusk, or what is often called "the blue hour" (l'heure bleue)...it's that incredibly beautiful time of day--dusk and dawn--when everything takes on a blue hue. It only lasts about a half hour or so before the day turns into night and it is gone. 

From Wikipedia...During the blue hour, red light passes straight into space while blue light is scattered in the atmosphere and therefore reaches the earth's surface. Because of the quality of the light, this period is treasured by artists.

Indeed, some devote entire websites on taking photos during this time. Anyhow, I'll stop blathering on about it, but it really is a magical time. The above and below photo are of Buffalo Harbor, and the bottom photo--after night had fallen and I was on my way home--is an image of Buffalo Navel Park. Click any for a slightly larger view.

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