Moon stalking, a correlating poem, and a few other things...

As you likely know--if you happened to be outside last night or the night prior--there was another super-moon, this time it was the harvest moon. It's glow was intense to say the least. The night was scheduled to have clear skies so at sunset I hopped on my bike with my gear and rode to to the pier along the lake and the river. As the moon rose over the skyline it was really breathtaking. And it was interesting to watch the sun set over Canada while the moon rose over the U.S. in the other direction. Anyhow, I took dozens of photos, these are a few of my favorites. Click any for a slightly larger view. A poem by Mary Oliver is at the bottom of the page.

Harvest Moon, by Mary Oliver
No sky could hold
so much light–
and here comes the brimming,
the flooding and streaming
out of the clouds
and into the leaves,
glazing the creeks,
the smallest ditches!
And so many stars!
The sky seems stretched
like an old black cloth;
behind it, all
the celestial fire
we ever dreamed of!
And the moon steps lower,
quietly changing
her luminous masks, brushing
everything as she passes
with her slow hands
and soft lips–
clusters of dark grapes,
apples swinging like lost planets,
melons cool and heavy as bodies–
and the mockingbird wakes
in his hidden castle;
out of the silver tangle
of thorns and leaves
he flutters and tumbles,
spilling long
ribbons of music
over forest and river,
copse and cloud–
all heaven and all earth–
wherever the white moon
fancies her small wild prince–
field after field after field.

Urban Simplicity.