Forest Lawn in the Winter...

So I have posted photos from Forest Lawn Cemetery a few times prior (click here to see them) but never in the winter. In fact, I'm not sure I've been there in the winter. And I've also commented on how beautiful and tranquil the cemetery is, but in the winter it is even more so. Aside from an occasional car, the only other (living) person I saw was a woman feeding the ducks and a gravedigger. But then there were times where I would ride--with the sound of snow crunching under my tires--with the company of just the wildlife and the cemetery's permanent residents. I really felt as if I were in a wild bird sanctuary in the middle of the city. When I would stop and listen there were cars in the distance, but above that I could here the water fowl, tons of crows, and some birds of prey (which unfortunately I did not get a good shot at). I took a bunch of photos, and here's a few of my favorites. Click any for a larger view.

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