Flowers in the morning, and a few words...

Like many of us, I have a stressful job. Some days offer more stress than others. Wednesdays are one of my more stressful days of the week. Today was/is Wednesday. But today (at my place of employment) was a special Wednesday (no need for explanation here, it just was), which made it even more stressful. I knew this when I went in this morning; I knew this when I woke this morning; I knew this as I left my house this morning. And then I saw these flowers growing (blooming) in my neighbor's front yard. These same flowers come back every year. These same flowers buried just beneath the ground's surface survived one of the harshest winters on record. But here they are. They are tightly closed in the morning, still dripping with dew. But in the evening they are fully opened reaching for the sun. They look--to me--so pure and innocent in the morning. Anyhow, before I left for work this morning I snapped a few photos of them. It was a sort of meditation for me, focusing on them in the early hours. My day was still crazy and hectic and stressful, but this took the sting out of it. At least a little bit.

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