A photo and a few words...

Between Storms 

This is how I was awakened predawn.
It was a thunderstorm.
Lightening lit up the room like a strobe.
Boom boom, in rapid succession.
But slowly it subsided.
So did the rain.
I rode my bike to work that morning.
The handlebar lamp barely piercing the darkness.
Clouds rumbled in the distance.
In the far flung edges of my world.
Out over the Great Lakes.
The angels are bowling, I thought to myself.
As I pedaled.
That's what my mother would tell me when I was a child.
Flashes of light lit my way.
Followed by rolling thunder.
There was absolutely no breeze.
The air hung heavy.
Everything dripped.
The sky was alive.
After locking up my bike,
I stood there.
Looking at the sky.
Taking it in.
The sound of thunder.
Getting closer.
The flashes of light.
More frequent.
And then the rain came.
I was between storms.