Things that can be carried on a bike (#673), and a few thoughts and photos from a rather long ride...

On the bike...a camera, and extra lens, a tripod, a change of clothes, three bottles of water, a jean jacket, and a few things to eat.

So a couple things. The first is that I had a great ride today. The weather was idyllic. And it was the first longish ride I took with the somewhat new Boda Boda. The round trip was a little over 30 miles/ 48 kilometers. I really enjoyed it but at the same time I have come to full acceptance that none of the bikes I ride are made for distance, at least not for this middle-aged body. The Boda Boda is the lighter of my bikes and it still weighs in at about 35lbs/15kg with nothing on it. Another thing about this ride that--in retrospect--seems almost comical, was getting over the Peace Bridge (I rode from Buffalo to Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada). I only cross the bridge a couple times a year by bike and each time the security measures seem to change. The photo below (two below) shows what I am talking about. This is new, at least since last year. In order to leave America by bike one has to traverse this revolving jail. And if they manage to make it through--which I did barely--on the Canadian side bicyclists now have to wait in auto traffic and go through a toll booth for immigration inspection. Anyhow, that being said (or I should say...having that off my chest), it really was a great ride. I rode the Friendship Trail, which is pictured below and is pure joy to ride. Also below is an image of Old Fort Erie, which dates back to 1763 (before the US or Canada existed). And also, which I like to do when I cross the bridge by foot or bike, is stop at the international boundary line, with one foot in each country (pictured below). The image directly below is of my beautiful hometown, Buffalo, NY, as seen from Canada. So would I make the ride again on the Boda? Yes, without question (I already have plans on doing it again in autumn). Even with the difficult security measures? Yup. But maybe I'll see if I can circumvent the revolving jail somehow (I was actually stuck for a minute or so (breath, Joe, breath). And hey, if security gets any tighter maybe I'll see "the Donald" collecting tolls at my next trip over.

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