The view from my handlebars. A few photos and a few words.

So a couple things. Firstly, I haven't been taking as many photos these last few months because of a few reasons, but mostly because at my not-so-new job I don't always have a secure place to store my camera so I don't always carry it with me. But there are other reasons as well. And as a person that needs some sort of creative output on a daily basis to survive (no joke), photography is a form of therapy for me. I woke today to a rather bleak morning. It was Sunday, grey, and the fourth Sunday of Advent. And as I lay in bed I wasn't sure if I was motivated enough to get up, shower, and head to church. But I did, and am glad that I did for so many reasons. I brought my camera and the air felt crisp and clean as I pedaled; it felt good. But between the grayness and the holidays I was feeling a bit melancholy. So as I pedaled I whispered to the Universe..."Show me your beauty, I really need it." And she did. Sometimes it's the everyday things; things you see or do each day, but when viewed with a different view, can bring light into your life. It did for me today. And yes, the picture below is a rare selfie. I passed a mirror on my travels and I saw my own reflection and thought it looked sort of cool in a mirror outside. The mirror is at a sharp and narrow corner and is there so drivers can see if another car is approaching. Anyhow, it's proof that I do actually take many of my photos from my bike. 

Urban Simplicity.


Unknown said…
always beautifully rare photos. Photos are more of a revelation then pictures that capture usually staged.