So a couple things. One is that these are a few pictures from my most recent NYC trip (last week). I went with no agenda other than walking around and taking photos (interspersed with coffee in th e daytime and beers in the evening), which I did. Walking and taking photos in large cities, especially NYC, never gets old to me.

Anyhow, thus said, enough people have suggested this to me so I think it's time to seek out a place to show some of my photos. I would love to do a show of my NY photos (I have hundreds of printable photos of this incredible city). Why am I stating this here? Because enough people visit this blog that I am thinking in the rare chance someone may have a lead for me. If so, email, private message, or call. And thank you in advance.

At the very least, enjoy the pictures, just viewing them is making me want to plan a return trip. Click any for a slightly larger view.

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