Things that can be carried on a bike (#685) and a few things I saw along the way...

On the bike...$47 in groceries and sundries, a large bag of dog food, a gym bag full of wet clothes, a camera, a camera tripod, and a bottle of red wine.

The following photos were shot throughout the day today and are in no particular order. I rode to church, then out for coffee, then to the community center for a steam and swim, then to the grocery store, then home. After dinner I walked to a tavern for a beer. It is possible to live in America without a car and function as a productive member of society (I'm just sayin'). Anyhow, as you likely know by now, I love taking photos as I ride my bike. I stop of course, and sometimes get off. But most of my photos are shot while on or next to one of my bikes. And yes, of course, this can be done in a car, but I suppose it would be a bit more cumbersome. There is nothing quite like being out in the elements (and in all seasons) to experience them, to be part of them. Anyhow, this is just one of the (many) reasons I choose to be car-free. I'll get off my soapbox now. Click any photo for a larger view.

Urban Simplicity.


Coach O said…
this is a great post. You are riding in snow and we don't have that in San Mateo county. We have had a cool winter for you guys. I have a great Carhartt coat that has worked perfectly. I have this same experience. I go out in the morning and ride out to a distant coffee shop to write and think. I talk to the locals there. I ride to a grocery store or where ever the chore leads. Then some days I ride up to the Cigar Loft and have a cigar with the boys and harass them, (we have some vets and retired police and a couple of professors and business people). I ride to the dry cleaners or wherever the next chore is before I ride home and onto whatever work needs doing there until my partner comes home. I ride 15-25 miles in a normal day. I love to be outdoors. I feel so connected to the community because I can see, hear and smell it. I talk to people, I really see what is being fixed or built. I can park wherever I need without paying. I feel free. We have horrible traffic here like you guys back there and it does not effect me on the bike.