A few things I saw while riding my bike...

So a couple things. Firstly, I've started carrying my camera with my on my bike again. I'd mentioned previously that II had stopped doing this for a while and for a few reasons. But I'm back at it. Thus said, most of my photos could easily be titled "The View From My Handlebars," but these truly are. One of the many things I enjoy about using a bicycle as transportation is the view, and in all weather conditions. But let me be clear, I am not "anti-car" (okay, maybe I am a little bit) but I am pro-bike...I simply find it truly inspiring to be on a bike. There is beauty all around and on a bike you are part of it rather than locked away in a metal box with widows. Anyhow, I'll get off my little soap box now. I haven't posted in about a week so here's a bunch of photos I took while on my bike over the last two weeks or so. They are in no particular order. Click any for a slightly larger photograph.

Urban Simplicity.