The Squirrel named George...

“This squirrel is inadequately afraid of humans! Squirrel, I am a threat to you! We are enemies! Please get off my bench!"
--John Green

Okay. So first a couple things. One is that yes, this is the squirrel named George. I didn't name him, my next door neighbor did. And no, I did not finally go crazy and start posting about city vermin. Well, okay, maybe I did a little. But crazy or not this is in fact a blog post about a squirrel; a squirrel named George. I first met George a couple weeks ago when he appeared on my front porch. I was surprised by how close he was to me, a little too uncomfortably close. I sort of shooed him away, but he came right back. Then he started appearing everyday. He'd hear the front door open and come running. That's him in the above picture on the steps to my front porch; the photo is shot from my front doorway. Was he trying to follow me in my house? Not sure but I quickly closed the door. Below are a few pics of him around my bike. The photo directly below is George at the bottom of the ramp (the Plank of Gratefulness) that I use to get my bikes up the front steps. He sometimes greets me when I pull up. Apparently he lives in the eave of my neighbor's porch. Neighbors know him, so does the mailman. As does my son. Apparently he follows the mailman down the street, and when my neighbor comes out for a smoke George scampers around his feet. Not sure what he wants; none of us have fed him to keep him coming back. It is sort of interesting, in a Dr Doolittle sort of way, to have a squirrel greet you as you come and go. But I'm glad when he keeps his distance. This is all I'll say about the squirrel named George.

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