A small herd of deer, lots of geese, some angels, and a few other things I saw at the cemetery today...

I rode my bike to the incredibly beautiful and inspiring Forest Lawn Cemetery today. I go there a couple or three times a year for a respite from daily life. It is so peaceful and tranquil. Just lovely. I sometimes go in the wintertime as well, when everything seems muffled. As I pedaled and coasted through the curvy roads today I could hear the gravel under my tires. And as I looked around I felt as if I were in a sacred place, surrounded by so many souls. When the random car would pass if it seems vulgar or intrusive to me. It was such a juxtaposition to see a family of deer gracefully walking among the graves. I didn't stay too long today. Just a short trip through and snapped a few photos. As you can gather from the photos it is also an unintentional animal sanctuary as well. And this is in the heart of a bustling but small city. I feel lucky to have it available and for free. Anyhow, to see previous photos, click here.

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