Dawn to Dusk (a couple pictures and a few words)...

The view from my handlebars. 5:30am 5.11.16

“If I slow down, life is beautiful.”
~Julia Cameron
The Creative Life

Dawn to Dusk
Fading in; fading out.
In some ways this is metaphor of life.
The coming into or awakening,
and then fading light,
but full of wisdom.
Both, equally beautiful.
The gentle passing of a day,
with all the activity it encompasses.
And the journey of one's life,
And it is in these realms that we live.
Coming and going.
Holding light.
Gaining wisdom,
from all the lessons this life has to offer.
There is no failure,
only progress.
Just as light changes so very gradually
that it is difficult to perceive.
So too, it is with a person.
The light is the same,
and from the same source,
but it appears different.
And it is during these times,
when I stop,
and see,
and remember,
the dawn and the dusk,
that I am fully awake.

The view from my front porch. 8:30pm 5.11.16