The View from My Handlebars...

So here's a few photos I've taken while riding my bike in the last few days. They are in no particular order. Click any for a slightly larger view. Anyhow, the one above is the New Phoenix Theater on quaint little Johnson Park. Directly below was the view in front of me during the first Slow Roll Buffalo of the season. We had stopped for a minute on Genessee Street and I snapped a photo. 2200 bicyclists. It was a sight to behold. Below is a shot of the bike parking at the after-party. Just below that is an interesting but seemingly abandoned building I saw on Niagara Street a few days ago. Below that is the view of Mother's Restaurant as seen through an alleyway from Delaware Avenue. Just below that is a black-and-white photo I took yesterday morning. I thought the juxtaposition was interesting...the neighborhood's slogan is "Chippewa Alive!" And the next-bottom photo is a new building downtown that houses the headquarter for Delaware-North company. I was on my way to a coffee shop and the way the glass reflected the sky it looked to me as if the building was camouflaged or hiding in plain sight. And lastly, Shea's Performing Arts Center at night.

Urban Simplicity.