This is Bryce...

As a blogger you've probably noticed I post series of things, and one of my lesser series is a sort of People of Buffalo. Where I might profile someone I'd met while out. With this in mind, this is Bryce. But I'm jumping ahead, as I often do.

I stopped out for a beer last night. No big surprise there. And as I walk in and lean against the bar I notice the young women next to me has a large old-school suitcase at her feet. Nice suitcase, I say. Thanks, it's an accordion, she replies. All I could do is smile. Bryce was born in WNY but moved away more than a decade ago. She has just returned and contemplating work. But in the meantime is making a few bucks busking along Allen Street.

As a natural introvert I have always found it difficult to speak to people, thus words come to me easier when I write. But I have to admit I am getting better at it (speaking to people). But still, I was surprised when--after a few minutes of conversing--I heard these words spill out of my mouth...I have a blog where I write about life, would you mind if I took your photo for it. Then I was even more surprised when Bryce agreed. So after we finished our drinks we went out and she found a suitable corner and she started to play and sing. And it was lovely. People started to stop almost immediately. And as I have to arise early these days for my current job--too early for my liking--I thanked her and we shook hands and bid each other adieu.

And as I walked down my street I thought how lucky I am to live in this quirky neighborhood (but I also worry it will soon be gentrified). But I also thought how interesting life is. Not just life but the people in our lives, strangers and those close to us. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has their own issues to deal with. And as a cool spring breeze brushed against my skin as I walked home I could hear the sweet sound of an accordion and Bryce's voice faintly in the background, and I realized how lucky I was to be alive at this very moment.