PAX (a photo and a few words)

The word comes from the French, paix
Which comes from the Latin, pax
An absence of violence
That's one definition
Freedom from disturbance is another
Calm and tranquil are two more
There are others
But what about love
None seem to say that
Because with love comes peace
Not romantic love
But love for your fellow human
For all things
For every thing
With that, I think, there would be peace
But we are not there
I know I'm not
I have peace at hand
But not in my heart
At least not entirely
It's easy for me to pray for family
And friends
But for those whom I dislike
Those I feel do wrong in this world
Those who slander me
That’s not so easy
At least not sincerely
But when I can
When I can truly love everyone
Even those who wrong me
Or those who do terrible things
And only then
Will I have peace
Be peace
There is so much work to do
So much to strive for
The absence of violence