The above photo was shot in early Autumn at sunset. I was standing at the edge of Buffalo Harbor, that magical point where four great bodies of water converge...Lake Erie, the Buffalo River, and the Erie Canal as they empty into the Niagara River and tumble over the Falls twenty miles downstream.

So I began posting this blog nearly nine years ago in response to things in my life and changes I was making (click here to read my very first post). And now I am taking one month leave for the very same reason(s)...things that are happening and my response to them. But unlike some blogs and bloggers that say they are taking a break and basically never blog again, this is for a specific period: 30 days. This is the longest I've gone without posting. Maybe I'll be back sooner, I'm not sure at this point. But I will be back by the 1st of November, that is for sure. I enjoy this blog too much and it is a good outlet for can be cathartic in some ways. I'm also taking a break from Facebook; I even deleted the app from my phone. I will be checking emails, of course, and Facebook once a day for messages, and I may post a photo or so on the Facebook page of this blog (click here for Urban Simplicity on Facebook). But nonetheless I am having an "electronic fast" of sorts. I simply need to re-think some things. Thank you for sticking with me, I hope you are still here when I return. I'll see you in the beginning of November, inshallah. Until then...peace, salaam, shalom.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."
~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

Urban Simplicity.


jim said…
Best of luck in this new phase of your life's journey, Joe. You will be missed. I really enjoy your thoughts and photos, and will patiently await their return...