La Luna

Technically, the moon was full two nights ago but I took these last night when it was waning (it still looked pretty full to me). I have always been drawn to a full moon...not sure why, it just fascinates me looming so large in the sky. Anyhow, last night I was out on the Mundo and snapped a few photos. The one above is taken at the far end of Allen Street here in Buffalo, the main thoroughfare through my favorite neighborhood and also the one in which I live. The below photo was taken just a block north on Wadsworth Street, overlooking houses there. And it's interesting, I think, what some people must think of me when they see me hunched next to my bike with a camera and mini-tripod perched on it. At one point, when I was taking the below picture a woman was coming down the street and saw me next to the bike and began to cross the street...she looked a little scared. I actually told her, as she approached, not to worry I'm just taking a few photos (then I wondered if that made her fear me even more). Anyhow, I enjoy taking pictures in different levels of light...dawn, dusk, and night are my favorites. And as I was taking these I was thinking about winter--or more specifically, the lack of it this year--how we can't count on snow in the winter these days, but we can still count on the sun and moon rising and falling each day and night. Click either for a larger view.

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