The Tao of Pug

If you've been to this blog before you know that besides riding bikes, cooking, taking photos, and looking up at the sky and wondering what it's all about....I am also a "dog person." That's Maxwell (the blond one) and Franklin (the black one) pictured above. They're brothers from the same parents but separate litters (Maxwell is older). I've posted pictures a few times before (click here) but the very first canine photo I posted was of my beloved Jack Black Kerouac (Jack) about four years ago. The reason I mention this is that I never thought I would have "small" dogs own me but they do. And the reason I wrote quotes around the word small is because pugs are said to be big dogs trapped in small dogs bodies...and it seems an appropriate statement. They are so expressive. Comical at times, but also serious. Maxwell carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Pugs have a very long history, but to think that they are direct descendants of wolves--as all dogs are said to be--makes me laugh a little. Their main mission each day is to eat, crap, sleep, and play a little...but mostly seek affection from me. To come home after a long and sometimes annoying day at work and have these little guys (err...big boys) come up to me snorting and wagging their little curly tails is something really special. Anyhow, I took these photos today and thought I'd share (the pictures and my thoughts).