Chasing light...a few things I saw while riding my bike this evening

I can't remember which book it was by Ernest Hemingway--either The Sun also Rises or A Moveable Feast--where he was sitting in a cafe enjoying the evening, then looked at a companion for a few minutes, and when he looked up again he said everything had changed (I'm totally paraphrasing, of course), that the light had changed and that he had "missed it." That magical moment when the light changes from day to night but there is still light in the sky just after the sun sets. The Blue Hour, that's what it is called, and rightly so. There is about a 20 minute window in which to capture this natural light, and depending on the time of the year it of course changes. There are times--like tonight, for example--when I find myself pedaling like a madman trying to get to my destination for this light. I had stopped for a couple beers on this lovely evening and had a camera with me. And as I sat there at the bar sipping my beer the light shifted and rested on the buildings across the street. It looked beautiful, I thought to myself..and if I wanted to capture it I had to do so now. So that's what I did. I drank the remaining beer in my glass in one quick chug and headed off. And it's interesting--being on a bike and taking photos--because the entire thing just seems so fluid to me...sort of an extension of myself. Organic in the true sense of the word. I had a rather stressful day facing the stove today but doing this relaxes me; it's almost meditative. Anyhow, if you are from Western New York you'll likely recognize these locations, but if not they are from top to bottom...Albright Knox Art Gallery, Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park, Karpeles Manuscript Museum, and the Richardson Towers. All of these were shot within a half-hour time frame; click for a larger view. To see others similar to this click here or here.

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